Drought Disaster Livestock Water Supply Project Assistance Program

NDAC, Section 89-11 provides the Department of Water Resources the ability to provide cost-share assistance to livestock producers with water supply shortages caused by drought.

Eligible livestock producers in all North Dakota counties may qualify for up to $4,500 in cost-share assistance, for up to three projects, on the following items:

  • New water wells;
  • New rural water system connections;
  • New pipeline extensions, pasture taps, and associated works; and
  • Contract labor, materials, and equipment rentals for work completed by the producer to develop new water supply projects.

Cost-share payments made through this program can be considered taxable income. Successful applicants will need to submit IRS Form W-9 upon completion of their projects before program reimbursement can be made.

To Apply

Online Application

The fillable/printable application form for the program is found here (SFN 17810).

Supporting Documents

This brochure provides a summary of the program.

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification here (W-9 Form).

The Administrative Code for the program can be found here.

A map of the qualifying counties can be found here.

A list of North Dakota certified water well contractors can be found here.

North Dakota Livestock Drought Resources

Information & Assistance

For more information on the Drought Disaster Livestock Water Supply Project Assistance Program, or help with the application process, please contact the Planning & Education Division.

(701) 328-4989 or e-mail